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Relationship & Couples Counseling

Are you afraid that your relationship isn’t working out?

Finding and maintaining satisfying joyful relationships can be challenging. After all, you weren’t taught how to have a great relationship or be a wonderful partner.

In fact, you probably learned about relationships from

 * your parents (Need I say more?)

* the movies (90 minutes of make believe).

Do any of the following sound or feel familiar in your relationship?

Unmet Needs

“I just can’t make her happy.”

“By now, he should know what I want. I shouldn’t have to ask.”


“We have the same fight over and over again.
It doesn’t get better or fix anything.”


“We hardly ever talk.  He/she just doesn’t get it.”


“Should I stay or go?  How do I ever trust again?
Can we get past this?”


“We are more like roommates than lovers.
There is just no interest. Why can’t our sex life be better?”

Emotional Connection     

“I can’t connect with him. He just withdraws or gets mad.
It wasn’t like this at the beginning.”

“All she does is bitch. Nothing is ever good enough.”

When an intimate relationship is not working, it is incredibly painful.

Unfortunately, both men and women tend to tolerate the “disconnect,” unexpressed feelings, unmet needs, and miscommunication in our most intimate relationships.  We ignore or avoid the discomfort until it becomes the status quo.

The good news is that Couples Counseling helps, so your relationship does not have to be like that.

What if your partner won’t come to counseling?

This is actually quite common. While it may be preferable to work with the couple together, your partner may not be ready or willing to participate.

While it may seem impossible, I can help relationships improve with just one person coming for “couples counseling.”

It is possible to get more of what you want even if we work one-on-one.

You can improve the relationship by becoming more aware of what you need and what you believe your partner needs and then making some adjustments in how you interpret and respond in your couple.

It may seem odd. You have tried so hard to get the other person to hear you and change and it hasn’t worked out so well. Yet when you learn how to be happier in your relationship, you might find that your relationship improves and feels better – without you trying so hard.

Stop tolerating a lousy relationship!

 I would like to help you feel more appreciated, get “in sync” again, stop the game playing and harsh words, end the lack of intimacy and figure out how to make your relationship work for you.

You don’t have to go another day in the status quo.

I want to help you get back on track to experience the feeling that you are loved and that you matter.  Please give me a call and let’s talk about what is going on in your relationship.

You can reach me at 949-922-7800.

“Blessed is the influence of one, true loving soul on another.”
George Eliot