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You can live your right life at your right size.

You can love big, eat well, sweat often, feel stronger every day and take on the world.

 There is a process whereby you can make peace with food and your body.

If you feel out of control around food, focusing on:

 binging – restricting – dieting – purging – judging

You can transform hurtful eating into nurturing eating.

You feel preoccupied with your body – its size or shape.

You worry about food, fatness, thinness, or body image.

You may be obsessed with your body.

You want to feel “at home” and “good enough” in your skin.

Moving your body is not about pleasure or feeling good.

You hate to exercise. You never do it or you force yourself to do it because you are terrified of getting fat/fatter.

Maybe you exercise a lot, trying to get, improve or maintain the body you want.

You want a new relationship with fitness that feels loving- not punishing.

You feel awful about yourself, as someone who is out of control.

You search for the solution in the latest diet or fitness fad.

You eat secretly.

You don’t want anyone to know what you do with food.

You eat a lot of your meals in your car, in front of the TV, while reading, hunched over your computer, in a frantic rush.

You want to actually enjoy food and eating.

You are tired of postponing the experiences you really want:

Romance- vacations, travel – adventure – intimacy – business launches – beautiful clothes  until “some day” when you are skinnier.

You want to live fully now.

You cannot tolerate any more deprivation.

You want to feel better.

You can follow a path of freedom through your body and food issues.

You can move from body loathing to body trust.

This is a lasting approach to stop emotional eating and restricting.

The focus of your life does not have to be on:

 what you ate – what you should eat – what you want to eat

 – how you need to change your body in order to be happy.

Move beyond the perpetual distraction of food and body issues.

You turned to emotional eating and “fat talk” in order to take care of yourself in the best way you could at the time.

“I feel fat” translates to “Something is wrong with me.”

You can find better ways to care for yourself and know that you are enough.

Underlying issues need to be exposed and separated, though not necessarily worked through,
in order for your eating to change. It is that simple.

If you are eating and feeling this way, please call me.

Work with me so you are free of pain in your relationship with food and your body.

“Our relationship with food – how, when, what and why we eat –
is a direct expression of our underlying feelings, thoughts and beliefs about ourselves.”
Geneen Roth